• We offer 16 channels of input with an array of condenser and dynamic microphones and custom built analog pre-amps. Our spacious live room allows for live multi-tracking and overdubbing sessions. We also have comfortable couches, mood lighting, and video games so you can really crush that downtime when your bassist is taking forever to lay down those tracks.
  • We pride ourselves on high quality tracking and getting the right sound going into the console as opposed to the "save it for the mix" mentality that many other studios have about tracking on budget projects.


  • Using Focal CMS 65 monitors, and thousands of hours of audio editing experience, we offer high quality and affordable mixing and editing for both projects recorded in and out of Sleepless Sound.
  • With a collection of outboard gear, plugins, and software including Warm Audio’s WA1176, Urei’s LA-4, ProTools 11, and the Waves Platinum Bundle we are capable of editing and mixing any project regardless of genre or complexity.


  • Our mastering process utilizes top of the line analog hardware and digital processing to deliver a balanced and professional master. We master all genres for any release format.
  • Our mastering engineer, Bob Iacono, has mastered a hundreds of projects. Ranging from film scoring to local punk bands, Bob takes time to guarantee the mix is loud and clear without sacrificing any of the integrity of the original mixes. 

Post Audio

  • We work on various film projects and provide music production for the soundtrack, dialog mixing and editing, sound replacement/foley, and audio fx production.
  • With our in studio projector setup we can also record voice work for film, television and commercials.